Year of the Horse


The Feng Shui of your business is even more important now that ever before.  With the economy still sagging and unrest in many areas of the world THE YEAR OF THE HORSE has been somewhat challenging.  Here are some Feng Shui suggestions that will help to enhance your home or business.

1.  Watch for the poison arrows—just as it’s not good for your home to be at the end of a straight road that acts as a poison arrow, it is also unwise to locate your shop or office at the end of a long straight corridor in an office building.  If this is the case your office or shop could become a magnet for problems, not money and success.  Be sure to put the proper element cures in place if your place of business faces this problem.

2.  Is your office deep or shallow?  In Feng Shui we believe that offices that are “deep” are destined to stay in business for a long time, while ones that are “shallow” and don’t go back too far will have a shorter life span.

3.  It’s all about the flow of energy…so remember when designing your office layout, that the Chi must flow freely…yet not too fast.  Clean up old cartons or files to prevent the energy from stagnating and make sure your entryway is clean and inviting with your doors opening inward.


Do you live with a poverty or prosperity consciousness?  Are you lacking the financial status you want today because you somehow feel guilty about having or desiring “too much” wealth and think that you may not deserve it?

One of the key reasons you still may not be wealthy is because of negative wealth programming you received in your early years.  Therefore, you may even be sabotaging some of your wealth building efforts unknowingly!

Here is a simple but important Feng Shui premise that will help you gain wealth faster and easier…it will both jumpstart your wealth building efforts but also keep them moving in the right direction.

1.  Begin with the knowledge and belief that you are entitled to everything that our bountiful world has to offer.  We live in a world and universe that is abundant with riches beyond our imagination…and everything we want can be ours…if we start with the right mental attitude toward wealth and prosperity.

2.  If it is material riches you desire at this time in your life then you can achieve this quite easily providing you have the correct mindset…you must start with a positive attitude and belief that you deserve to be wealthy and happy.

3.  Give yourself permission!  Begin today and give yourself permission to be wealthy…release yourself from past thoughts and the poverty consciousness that you may have been surrounded with as a child.  Take a step back and look at what you are holding onto and what’s really holding you back from achieving your wealth dreams.

In Feng Shui the mind plays an important role in your wealth building strategy…in fact, it is one of the most critical components that are often overlooked.

Everything you need to become wealthy is already available…it’s ready and waiting for you…but it is you who may not be ready.  Start first with your mind and then use the powerful Feng Shui formulas and symbols to make it happen!

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Wishing you great success and much good fortune.


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