The 5 Elements of Feng Shui






The whole concept of Feng Shui is based on five elements and they are:  fire, metal, earth, water and wood.

Everything in our world, in addition to us as an individual, is one of the five elements.  When discussing ourselves, these elements are determined by the date of our birth. 

The elements are not only represented by the element itself (wood=trees), but also the specific color that identifies with that element (fire=red).

In your home, office or land, for balanced Feng Shui, all elements need to be represented.   There is a skill to great Feng Shui balancing and placement. Working with Janet from Feng Shui 4 Today is easy, affordable, very effective and best yet: fun!

To learn more about what your home, office or property needs to achieve great Feng Shui, contact Janet today and set up your own private, personal consultation.

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