Three Types of Luck

The Chinese have always understood that in reality “Man” has three types of luck that accompany him throughout his lifetime.

In Chinese tradition, luck is a trinity.  Heavens luck is one’s pre-ordained destiny or fate.  This is the one type of luck over which you have little control.  Human luck is a result of living a good and virtuous life, and making the best choices in life.  Earth luck is the result of good Feng Shui and can be improved by working on and improving one’s Feng Shui.

Earthly Luck is connected to the environment and Feng Shui.

When we are in harmony with the life force energy flow we are naturally in tune with surroundings, our destiny and life; we feel better.  We have more power to enhance our destiny if we harmonize with the Earth influences vs going against them—as in swimming against the tide!

In a building, earth’s luck represents the ground or the floor.  However, in real life, Earth’s luck is how you can tap into the influences of the earth energies in the ground to create harmonious energy, enhance your fortune and stabilize your life.

You can make yourself more prosperous and more capable of receiving, when you use the positive forces that already lie within your building as well as nature.  The best fortune detection comes thru the use of the Flying Stars Method which calculates an entire Feng Shui Horoscope for your building.  When you use these lines accurately it can increase your prosperity by 30% and life gets better.  

Good Feng Shui protects us and makes us prosper!

The ancients believed and observed that when we are in harmony with the Earth “life goes better”.

For Earth Luck:
A. Harness the currents of positive life force energy connected with the earth and    the five elements—at seen and unseen levels.

B. Reduce or avoid the negative aspects of seen and unseen life force energies.
C. Have a positive flow of life force energy around me, designed for me.  The Chinese believe that this can help to increase your “Man’s Luck”.

Feng Shui Masters all agree that when your luck is down, Feng Shui makes life flow better and more easily. When people are down in luck they normally make the wrong decisions/attract negative energies in an unconscious way.

30% of the luck we have is said to come from the Earth and the way we are affected by the earth via the Five Elements.  The typical way the Chinese harness Earth’s Luck is the use of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui puts us into harmony with the Earth and the Five Elements.

One-third of our luck is said to be Man’s Luck or comes from the things we do to create our own fortune i.e., the good ideas we have (and implement) and the things we follow up and do create our fortune. Our personality habits have the potential to grow and expand.  The more we practice our positive personality traits, the stronger they become.  When a person becomes an instrument to contribute something, they exude good energy.  The universe will then feel the timing is right.  The destiny of success cannot be prevented.



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