Seen and the Unseen

Seen and unseen shape every aspect of our lives; Feng Shui exists at two levels at the same time.  

THE SEEN  This level deals with the obvious—the front door being opposite the back door; a sloping lot where the Chi slips away at the back of the property; the stairs that are located opposite the front door.  These are Feng Shui problems that we can see in the environment and are easy to remedy using various creative objects.

THE UNSEEN  This is what you cannot see but is still there.  Such as we can get sunburned even though we cannot see the rays of the sun;  we cannot see if someone has cancer, but they are very sick and could be dying.

Human emotions are unseen.  The unseen part of life is just as powerful as what you can see.  Just because you cannot see something does not mean it is not there.

All of life consists of both the Seen and the Unseen and experts believe the Unseen is
most powerful.

Environmental chi has an effect on all aspects of occupant’s lives.  Feng Shui enhancements can improve the overall “feel” of a space, can be focused on any area of the occupant’s lives that need attention, including romance, marriage, family, career, wealth, reputation, fame, health, and more.

A main goal is to determine the nature of the unseen energies in each room and “balance” those energies.  This means weakening the negativity from any area and strengthening or enhancing areas of beneficial energy.  In Chinese culture everything tangible or intangible relates to one or more of five basic elements—earth, wood, metal, fire and water.  Each type of energy found in a building is also associated with one of these elements and can be added to or removed from a room to balance the unseen energies.  

Feng Shui as a science works on may different levels.  Powerful formulas pinpoint the natures of the unseen energies in a building and the relationship between those energies and the lives of the occupants.  Specific methods of balancing those energies are then employed.

Feng Shui as an art requires an acute sensitivity to aspects of an environment that are beyond the reach of any formulas.  It entails the development of creative solutions that optimize the flow of energy and feel best to the particular inhabitants of the space.

Feng Shui also encompasses the art of arrangement; so it is also connected to space and time.  There are always good reasons to renew and change the energy in your building.  We are able to to absorb the good energy from a building, as well as the bad energy.  Simple remedies can be applied easily and effectively.  It will then generate a natural harmony between you, your surroundings, your life and your destiny.  Because Feng Shui is the art of placing yourself into a position where you can receive the beneficial flow from the universe; while at another level this would mean you are placing yourself into a position to receive the opportunity.

A thorough Feng Shui analysis considers landscape features, the positioning of a building, the usage of each room the placement of furniture, the directions in which each individual sleeps or works, usage of color, shapes, materials and much more.  


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