Home Organization

The end goal of great Feng Shui is to organize your environment to creating change, abundance and well-being.

It is the art and practice of living in harmony with your environment to produce tangible results naturally.

When you make modifications to how your home environment is organized, it brings a vibrant quality of energy that lifts and nourishes your personal energy.  

Depending on many factors about your personal element, the elements of others that live in your home,  how the home is built, and the current colors, accessories and furnishings, the adjustments recommended by our expert Feng Shui consultant, Janet Sandquist, can be an expression of energizing, active (Yang) energy or a soothing and calming one (Yin). 

Part Science and part art, the way you may need to organize your home addresses design and storage in a way that permits the best flow of energy, which in turn becomes in tune with needs of the inhabitants. 

De-cluttering your life:
Defined as anything you don’t want, love, need or use. It stagnates us and depletes our energy, finding it difficult to stay focused. Sometimes, the remedy you need for attracting the best Chi, may have to involve de-cluttering aspects of your day to day routine.

De-cluttering your home:

Too often, as we become more ‘experienced and seasoned’ in  life, our home becomes a reflection of our passions, interests, and acquisitions of ‘things’.  These ‘things’ can be part of what is causing the energy to stagnate in our home (simply because we have too much), or our things may not be in the best location to allow for healthy Chi to flow.

Janet has a keen eye and depth of knowledge for guiding you to de-clutter and re-organize your home environment.  (This approach also applies to Feng Shui in the office and your land.)

De-cluttering can be done in stages (or all at once) depending on your preference and readiness to create and attract positive change in your  life.

Space Clearing:
Sometimes, part of the Feng Shui process involves deleting (removing) the previous energy in an existing space. (Unseen energy)

All buildings have energy of those having lived there and the events (good or bad) that occurred in previous time. The success of Feng Shui efforts will be unsuccessful if there is bad or unhealthy present.

There are simple and effective ways to eliminate this unwelcome energy.

For details on having a Feng Shui consultation with Janet, contact her here to set up a time to speak with her.

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