Heaven’s Luck

Some call it connecting to the Source, tapping into God, “The Universe or a Higher Power”.  40% of the luck we have comes from Heaven. 

This would be the good we have created from the past which accumulates to become the luck we now have.

Heavens Luck describes the luck or fortune you are born with—your fate or destiny.

In a building, “Heaven” represents the ceiling, the walls represent “Man” and the floor represents “Earth”.  In our lives, “Heaven” represents the luck I have created from before.

Ultimately, Heaven’s Fortune is the life force energy that is beyond your ability to control.  It describes your astrology and the way the planets were arranged at your time of birth, as well as how these will influence you and the types of life force energy it brings to you throughout your lifetime.

We do know that we always have the ability to create good Heavens Luck.  Good positive deeds and actions always add a ‘credit’ and a positive addition to your fortune at any time.  Sometimes we have lessons to learn or we can be a part of the lessons others have to learn.

Heaven’s luck is always considered to be “destiny”, something you can’t change or alter, compared to something you do have the power to change.

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