Feng Shui Benefits

The practice of Feng Shui has an interesting back story. It’s been seen through out the ages that arranging your environment so that energy or Chi flows gently and smoothly through your home, business or land space can bring abundance in many areas, while deflecting negative influences.

When your home, office and land have been professionally arranged for best Feng Shui, your space just feels good and supports what you want out of life, whether it’s improved health, better career, new romance or more income.

The practice of Feng Shui was developed in Tibet and China over a 6,000 year period. Feng Shui is not a meditation practice, a religion, or a New Age cult.

Originally, people wanted to come up with principles that ensured their homes, and especially their tombs, were placed in a location that offered shelter from winter storms, blazing heat and floods.  As it continued to develop, people also started to consider and question the placement of fireplaces, windows and doors, and to ultimately to gardens and landscaping.

The success of these principles led to the application of Feng Shui to indoor furnishings, including everything from chairs/sofas, dishes and art objects.  Practitioners of Feng Shui eventually developed the BAGUA, a Feng Shui map that indicates where in the space specific remedies and/or enhancements are to be applied.

The bagua is placed over the floor plan of a space and shows the location of nine main areas of energy in that particular area, be it land, building, room, etc.  They are:  Helpful People/Travel, Children/Creativity, Relationships and Romance, Fame, Wealth, Family and Career.

Janet’s expertise in Feng Shui allows her to accurately assess what your home, office ro property needs to achieve balance. She then guides you to arrange the home to bring “good luck” to these areas and to make sure the Chi flows smoothly so that each area on the Bagua is nurtured and energized.

Most Americans now have at least heard of Feng Shui, and many have used it to arrange their homes and businesses for good luck and prosperity.  Many businesses, from Donald Trump and more, are integrating Feng Shui principles into their business practices.

For details on having a Feng Shui consultation with Janet, contact her here to set up a time to speak with her.

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