Color in Feng Shui

Basic approaches to developing good Chi in Feng Shui include physically rearranging furniture, colors, and objects in your home or office to promote good energy circulation and using Feng Shui Cures (placement of certain objects like statuary, handing crystals, colors) where physical change is not possible.

According to the ancient art and science of Feng Shui, you have colors that support you, as well as colors that drain your energy. This applies to both the colors you are wearing as clothing and accessories, as well as the colors of your home decor.

Your consultation with our lead Feng Shui expert will include simple suggestions such as: adding color, removing color(s) in your home, office or land.  The use of color can make a dramatic change to the flow of energy.  Working with color as part of your remedies is fun, simply and affordable.

For people who are creative, you can ‘play’ with changing up or modifying the colors already present in your environment.  The trend of upcycling, recycling or simply updating can allow you to tap into your creative thoughts when a color change is needed to bring balance to the space you are working on improving.

For those who may not feel ‘creative’, Janet makes implementing the remedies easy and affordable. She can recommend service providers who can assist with things like: painting, changing lighting, landscaping, and even home remodels and renovations if that is what you choose to do.

She also has an extensive variety of Feng Shui remedies that you can purchase to create the balance you need while keeping with the tastes, textures and style of accessories you prefer.

feng-shui-color-at-a-glanceThe image on the left is a quick reference to a small sampling of color options can be used to represent elements you may need to bring balance to your space.

For your specific color(s) needed to bring balance to your work, home or land set up a consultation with Janet here to set up a time to speak about your current environment.

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