Meet Janet

Feng Shui Consultant in San Marcos

Janet Sandquist is the lead Feng Shui Consultant at Feng Shui 4 Today

janet-sandquistJanet’s background has been Real Estate since 1986.

In 1990, she was opening up a new location for her real estate brokerage. As the famous real estate saying goes “location, location, location”- Janet sought out to find the best place to establish her new location.

Janet felt that before she made her purchase, she needed to be sure the building was “good for people and good for money”. When she was searching for the perfect location, Janet also started to attend a class regarding Feng Shui.

With all her years of buying and selling real estate for her clients, and herself, Janet was able to identify a property that had the normal ‘yes’ factors for a good real estate investment. But Janet wanted more. Janet found a property, and then applied the art of Feng Shui to this location.

She wanted to maximize her ROI on the building, but also create a space that attracted wealth, healthy, vibrant relationships and be an environment that was nurturing, and welcoming to staff and clients alike. She wanted her business to be profit producing, but without the normal ‘drama’ that can come along with making money.

Here is the result of her approach of applying Feng Shui to her property and the business:

In only 6 years she went from herself and 1 agent at one location to having 150 agents in five locations!

What did she do?

Janet knew that prosperity starts with applying remedies to the land, then to the outside of the building, then the inside. She applied Feng Shui to all these areas outside and inside, and had enhancements put in.

She did a few physical changes to the building before moving in which was application of Feng Shui . These remedies were designed to attract prosperity, growth of team, and wealth for everyone working there.

Not only were the enhancements designed to attract wealth, but to keep it.  The friendly relations area was enhanced as well. This attracted a different kind of agent. All the relationships (agents, escrow, clients, etc) were deeper and more fulfilling.  Typical workplace strife was gone. Agents and clients enjoyed coming to this location.

After that experience, Janet decided to study more and tried Feng Shui on several of her client listings. The results were amazing, and listings that had been difficult to sell then sold rather quickly. She then helped various agents in her company with their hard to sell listings as well as using it in our offices. They saw the same results too.

Listings sold more easily, money came in readily and stayed, rather than going right back out the door. Agents’ production increased after consulting with them re their best directions at their desks, clutter clearing, etc.

The Professional Move:

Those final years in real estate inspired Janet to become a full time Feng Shui consultant. Dedicating her time to this practice enables her to help more people have the same, positive and effective results in their life and business.

She is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant.

In addition to studying and working through a curriculum of many classes and books, the Certification Process was approximately 2 years with Suzee Miller at Feng Shui Paradigms.

Additionally she attended a 10 day program in Thailand with Masters David Twicken and Mantak Chia in Chiang Mai.

This particular program focused on the dynamics of Feng Shui and elements as it pertained to one’s life. Janet continues to learn from various Masters, but most especially David Twicken.

Ready to see the benefit of Feng Shui in your home, office or land?  Call Janet today and set up your personal consultation to discover how the effectiveness of Feng Shui can enhance and balance your surroundings.