Fire Element

Feng-Shui-4-Today-Fire-ElemThe Fire element activates leadership qualities and kindles healthy emotional interactions between people.

The fire element has always been a powerful tool for human beings. Harnessing this power changed the way we live by providing warmth.

As our abilities with fire grew, we were able to expand beyond our limits, gas stoves, jet engines, and automobiles have sent mankind into the modern age.

Bringing the fire element can add this expansionism and transformation to your own life. Fire increases the vertical flow of energy in your home tremendously.

Too much Fire in an environment stimulates or amplifies aggression, impatience, and impulsive behavior, while too little Fire can promote emotional darkness or coldness.

The fire element warms us and provokes us to act. It symbolizes vitality and intelligence. It raises the level of activity in a person. However, its overabundance can lead to irritability and temper.

Its colors are red, orange, pastel pink, purple and peach. The direction is south. The symbol is a phoenix. The corresponding body organ is the heart. Is has more of the Yan energy than Yin. It fits well with wood, and does not fit well with water.

The Fire element is found in:

• lighting, including electric, oil, candles, fireplaces, and natural sunlight
• items from animals, such as fur, suede, leather, bone, feathers, silk, and wool
• pets and wildlife
• art portraying people or animals
• art depicting sunshine, fire, or other illumination
• triangles, pyramids, and cone shapes
• all red tones, including pink, red orange, magenta, and maroon

The fire element: brings passion, success and romance into your life.

A Feng Shui Consultation by Janet can help you know how, where and when to introduce the element of fire into your home or office to balance out the flow of Chi.

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