The Benefit of Creating Curb Appeal with Feng Shui when Selling Your Home

Feng Shui House for Sale

Feng Shui Home for Sale

Spring and summer is the time of year when many people decide to move their home into a new location. It could be that they are changing location to prepare for a new school year for the kids,  downsizing, upsizing, or a new job or simply because.

What ever the reason is, there are a couple of key factors that can influence how fast your home sells, or if it will languish on the market.

We’ve been educated for many years that the elements in the home that help create a better sale price are:
• Great curb appeal
• having an updated kitchen
• and an updated bathroom

This year, when you are getting ready to prepare your home for sale you might want to consider adding Feng Shui elements to your staging and remodeling.

Feng Shui is the ancient practice of placement of things, and use of color.

Feng Shui Art of Placement and Colors

Feng Shui Art of Placement and Colors

It is very well refined approach to creating peace and harmony in our environment by how we arrange our belongings,  and the use of color(s) in very specific areas of our home and land.  The end result of effective Feng Shui is that the environments that we live or work in will be more peaceful and harmonious. It attracts more positive things into our life, and helps to dispel negative influences.

When you are getting ready to update your home for sale, Feng Shui expert, Janet Sandquist from FengShui4Today, teaches her clients to start outside of the home first as part of the updating strategy.

Great curb appeal is the very first is the thing a potential buyer will actually see. This is important because you can increase the potential interest in your home just for having an attractive and appealing outside display of your home.

Feng Shui outside of your home incorporates the use of color of from plants, out door décor, and strategically using them to bring in positive energy and encouraging good experiences for the people currently in the home, and for the people who are considering your home to be theirs.

Feng Shui Garden

Feng Shui Garden

Smart homeowners that incorporate the Feng Shui, techniques, tips and expertise that Janet Sandquist teaches and counsels, have experienced their homes attracting more offers, most of them for the full asking price or more. The best part is the homes sell quickly.

Janet always tells her clients that the investment of time and her consulting is recouped many times over when selling a home. Her ‘remedies’ or Feng Shui suggestions for creating the curb appeal are easy and affordable. The style of Feng Shui she teaches is called Functional Feng Shui. Many times her clients discover that her suggestions incorporate the use of things they already have, or may include the removal (decluttering) of items to create the balance Feng Shui brings about.

If you are looking to sell your home for top dollar and help it sell more quickly, contact Janet today for your private consultation.