Feng Shui your house for better comfort, convenience and wellbeing

When we purchase a home, we often consider the quality of the neighborhood, schools,Feng Shui Home basic features such as: how many bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and style.

A couple of things that are not part of most people’s primary list of ‘must haves’ are the influences that surrounding buildings, technology, how the roads were planned, and even the direction the house front entry way faces.

We may fall in love with a home based on our initial ‘list’ and then once living in the home, it may not feel as cozy, safe or peaceful as you might have initially hoped.

The good news is: if you have a home where you love the raw ‘bones’ of it, but are not as in love with other aspects of it, maybe what you need to apply are functional Feng Shui tips.

When Feng Shui consultant, Janet Sandquist, works with her clients in applying Feng Shui home remedies, often she starts with assessing the layout of the land, the way the home faces, and then considers the people living there.

Next, she’ll assess your current color palette, style of furnishings, and develops a plan to balance the energy inside your home so it creates a nurturing, healing, peaceful and positive place that you want to come home to and spend time with friends and family.

Janet is quick to reassure her clients that in the process of applying Feng Shui tips and remedies, your home does not have to become all ‘Oriental’ in style. In fact, she uses many different resources, accessories that compliment your style yet create the Feng Shui balance each room needs.

More often than not, her clients are delighted to discover that the ‘remedies’ she suggests, they already own. Changing location of things, updating colors of accessories (often as easy as using spray paint), and even digging through stored ‘things’ can unearth hidden treasures you already have.

Janet helps her clients Feng Shui their house also by taking into consideration external elements and energy influences that you may not have control over.

For example: many architects do not plan communities with Feng Shui in mind. Roads in and out to the neighborhoods may be perfectly perpendicular to one another. Positive Chi prefers meandering paths.

It’s been often documented that families who live in homes that have a cell tower, phone lines, power lines erected near them, can be affected on a physical and emotional level. The energy emitted by these structures is real and intrudes into the surrounding space.

You may not be able to remove those structures, and if moving to a different location is not an option, there are Feng Shui remedies to your home that can buffer your home from being effected as much.

Janet has been successfully consulting clients around the country learn how to remedy their house. She is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and has great testimonials from clients who seemed to have difficult circumstances in their life and home. After applying the information Janet taught them, they found her suggestions were easy, affordable and best yet: effective!

If your house is less than the ideal home environment that you want, contact Janet today to set up your private consultation so you too can experience the benefits of Feng Shui remedies.