Feng Shui for the Office Increases Work Flow, Productivity and Profits

Feng Shui for the office can bring about increased prosperity, reduce stress, can support more clear thinking and can help to add value to existing relationships with clients and new potential clients.

The practice of Feng Shui is based on creating a balanced environment that creates a physical space where the movement of energy can flow in a positive way. The energy in Feng Shui is called “Chi”. You can have either good chi or bad chi around you.

The goal of Feng Shui is to introduce good Chi while deflecting the bad.

When it comes to business, the environment you work in, the comfort, look, feel, the people you work with.. can all effect your bottomline.

Businesses want to be profitable. Not all businesses are though.

There are many reasons why a business prospers (or fails to). If you have many things going right for your business, but often are uncomfortable in your office, or maybe you have frequent distractions that come up, maybe you find you loose clarity when working at your desk, or even just have more negative ‘people’ encounters than you want, your office could benefit by Feng Shui.

Functional Feng Shui, which is what Janet Sandquist, expert consultant at Feng Shui 4 Today practices, introduces simple refinements and enhancements to your office space.

She has seen many of her clients benefit financially with larger sales, more frequent sales, more clients and even better quality of customers for her clients.

Feng Shui in the office often starts with clearing clutter and better organization of things in the space you work in.

Her thorough assessment of your office location, the current set up, and even the people you work with day to day all create a functional plan for her to guide you to implement.

Many times Janet’s clients are very surprised at how easy her suggestions are. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding some plants. Or maybe moving the direction a desk is facing.

Other times Janet may suggest different art work, or adding some ‘color pops’ to the work environment. Depending upon the type of work you do, and the current choices you have for your office colors, furniture, Janet will develop simple suggestions that will allow positive Chi to be increased in your office. This can lead to positive increase in your profits.

Not sure if Feng Shui for your office is right for you?

Have you ever heard yourself say:

  • “ My money seems to go out as fast as it comes in!”
  • “ I am so tired of always feeling like we’re putting out fires”
  • “When I sit at my desk I always start to feel drained and foggy in the head”
  • “I know I need to clean up my office, but I’m not sure where to even begin!”

 If you answered yes to any of those, Feng Shui is a solution to consider.

Janet welcomes the opportunity to set up time to talk with you and answer questions you may have about your specific office situation.

Her personal experience in Feng Shui started with her own success in applying Feng Shui techniques to her Real Estate Business. Be sure to ask her about that when you set up time for your consultation.