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Land development, regardless of scope or size, will benefit from Traditional Feng Shui procedures relative to when, where and what to build, plant, rearrange or move. 

The external environment surrounding your home and office plays a 70% role in the Fengfeng-shui-water-fountain-04 Shui of your home life and career.

When Janet works with a client, she considers the land first. The land doesn’t have elements, it has guas (areas) instead. 

The guas (areas) require  certain remedies/enhancements to achieve the right balance for movement of positive energy. 

The basic gua is always the same, but the remedy’s for each gua can vary from year to year.

Basically, the enhancements that protect or increase money, etc will change but guas like partnership, etc stay the same.

Whether you are purchasing a home, building, renovating an existing  home, moving into a new office building, or even using the land for your financial support, plots of land can benefit by external Feng Shui.

There are three main things to consider:
•   The balance created by the building(s) in relation to the surrounding land.
•   The ability of chi to circulate freely.
•   Interference from outside sources of bad feng shui.

Chi is most beneficial when it can flow smoothly over and around a site – thus curves and round edges create better conditions than sharp corners or straight lines. In a triangular plot, for example, destructive energy can settle within the sharp, angular corners. This can create unfavorable circumstances.

If the land itself cannot be rounded off, you can create shields to block this energy, introduce objects to reflect it or construct curved lines to enhance the flow of chi.

Buildings on the property also need support and light. A lack of support at the back of the building can affect the stability and health of those living there, while lack of light limits the beneficial effect of ch’i as well as creates a feeling of oppression.

The best plots of land are those that are rectangular or square with a larger area at the back than at the front. Ideally the land should slope gently from back to front, but if the gradient is too steep and there is nothing to protect  the flow of energy, chi quickly rolls away, draining the good fortune from the site.

Feng Shui 4 Today has success in making land more profitable and productive, along with helping clients choose the best buildings to create profitable work environments, and supports many homeowners with a unique blend of Feng Shui knowledge based on a real estate background.

Contact Janet today to set up your initial phone consultation to discover more about how Feng Shui for your land and property can bring harmony, balance and introduce more prosperity to you.

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