Chi: the energy behind Feng Shui

Feng_shui_chiChi can be appreciated by its effects but cannot be seen. 

Chi is what animates, what distinguishes between living and dead matter.  Where Chi (or energy) has gone stagnant, life energy has dried up.

Chi naturally flows in a meandering manner.  Where it flows gently and accumulates, abundance follows.  Where the flow becomes stagnant, these life energies as well as abundance, dry up.  When Chi is forced to flow rapidly in straight lines, it becomes destructive.

Chi can be positive, energizing and strong.  It can become stagnant as well and as such, should be avoided at all costs.

When Chi travels along straight roads, rails, or other areas, such as hallways, it gathers too much speed.  Therefore, when it strikes a building, doorway, etc. it is referred to as “Sha Chi”.  Such Sha Chi is too energetic and by the time it hits it’s target, it becomes destructive and undesirable.

Types of Chi:

Cutting Chi=sha Chi=overly rapid or heavy hitting
Yang Chi=sheng Chi=bright (definitely the good stuff!)
Yin Chi=ssu Chi=decayed or dead Chi

The whole point of Feng Shui is to encourage sheng or yang Chi, block or deflect sha or cutting Chi, and disperse ssu or Yin chi.

Poison Arrows:  The name given to along alignments (hallways, streets, etc) which enable Chi to speed up to a point where it impacts upon a person or building, like an arrow.

Chi and the front door:  It is the access point for Chi that needs to be specially protected.  The front door is the most vulnerable, because this is the main “mouth” through which Chi can enter the home or office.

One way to view life is everything is a blend of Chi; if we can learn how to manage Chi, we learn how to manage life.  Feng Shui is about managing Chi.  We first learn to diagnose a Chi condition and then manage it by optimizing opportunities or elements and reducing influences (elements as well).  Yin-Yang and Five Elements are the key diagnostic tools used and are the basis for diagnosis and treatment.

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