The Year of the Sheep is an excellent period for all the Chinese zodiac signs. According to the Chinese calendar, the element for this year is Wood and the lucky color is Green. This Chinese New Year 2015 starts from February 19th, 2015 up to February 7th, 2016.

The energy for this...

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Chi: the energy behind Feng Shui

Feng_shui_chiChi can be appreciated by its effects but cannot be seen. 

Chi is what animates, what distinguishes between living and dead matter.  Where Chi (or energy) has gone stagnant, life energy has dried up.

Chi naturally flows in a meandering manner.  Where it flows...

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Feng Shui 4 Today Home Consultations

Feng Shui targets what has traditionally been known as “Earth Luck”. 

That being the physical surroundings that influence how you behave, feel and think.  Virtually every aspect of your life can be improved when these conditions are in proper order.  Results are amazingly quick.Read more

Feng Shui 4 Today Land

Land development, regardless of scope or size, will benefit from Traditional Feng Shui procedures relative to when, where and what to build, plant, rearrange or move. 

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Basic Principles Feng Shui 4 Today

PURPOSE OF FENG SHUI For the ancient Chinese, the purpose of feng shui was to secure prosperity, many children, respect, and longevity for the client.

Feng means wind and shui means water. In Chinese culture wind and water are associatedFeng-Shui Read more

Wood Element

The Wood element is considered to be one of the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth Feng-Shui-4-Today-Wood-Elemand Metal).

As the principles of Feng Shui take into account the overall balance of one’s environment the element of Wood plays its...

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Metal Element

Metal in Feng Shui is the symbol of wealth and protection.

Metal is associated with both wealth and protection. Think of all the weapons made from Buddha with Orchidmetal. Metal cures are often used to ward off evil influences....

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