3 Practical Uses of Feng Shui Based on Real Science

feng-shui-banners2-01 Feng Shui is both an art form and an ancient Chinese philosophy that is almost religious in nature. It operates on the principle that every person, place, and thing in our world is surrounded and connected by energy. Not just the energies that western science has measured and...
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Bad Feng Shui from Power Lines and Cell Towers

Moving to a new home or remodeling your current home? Calling in a feng shui consultant is a good idea to help you diagnose dangerous environmental factors in your home and neighborhood such as bad feng shui from power lines and cell towers. It’s important to make sure any cures you...
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Feng Shui for your Bedroom: How to Increase Quality Relationships in Your Life

Did you know your environment and your physical surroundings can also influence your thoughts and behaviors, especially in your bedroom? Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that focuses on placement of things in our physical surroundings. The purpose of quality bedroom feng shui is to attract positive energy and events into your personal life while...
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Year of the Monkey 2016 and Feng Shui for

2016 FIRE MONKEY YEAR This is the year of the red Fire Monkey, which began on February 8, 2016.

Fire monkeys are red in color and red means go! Fire brings passion, creativity, and joy. Fire types are strong, dynamic, and can overcome illness and obstacles. Just be aware to not jump ahead...

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