Bad Feng Shui from Power Lines and Cell Towers

Moving to a new home or remodeling your current home? Calling in a feng shui consultant is a good idea to help you diagnose dangerous environmental factors in your home and neighborhood such as bad feng shui from power lines and cell towers.

It’s important to make sure any cures you use to create feng shui harmony achieve maximum benefit by clearing your space of electromagnetic radiation dangers with home EMF protection.

Feng Shui can be good or bad depending on how various objects affect the flow of energy in your space. Good feng shui makes it healthy while bad feng shui can be very detrimental to your health and well being. If a space isn’t healthy, you probably won’t be either.

Pollution from bad feng shui can come in many forms, but most recently people have been concerned about the presence of electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s), most specifically AC electric fields and AC magnetic fields.

High EMF’s can produce sleep disturbance, nervousness, allergies, inability to focus or concentrate, fatigue, headaches and bed-wetting in children. When EMF’s have been eliminated, those people who were ill responded well and began recovery. Those people who were not ill noticed beneficial changes in how they slept and their overall energy level. Constant exposure can cause mood swings and ill temper, both of which directly and negatively impact your relationship with those close to you.

It is said that when the power lines are directly outside of the children’s bedroom or in the kitchen, it can cause to cause anxiety and eating disorders among children.
There are some anecdotal studies linking high EMF’s to cancer and childhood leukemia, as well. Numerous studies show that residing near to large electromagnetic fields are harmful to our bodies.

Severe Health Hazards

According to the World Health Organization, electromagnetic fields can cause short term nerve and muscle stimulation. Long term exposures can cause cancer due to the radiation released by the electromagnetic field, according to the National Cancer Institute.

In a study published by Wertheimer and Leeper in the American Journal of Epidemiology, research has shown that the chances of leukemia and other cancers have increased. This study was first published in 1979.

Though the chances of cancer are still hotly debated, the strongest evidence has shown that the electromagnetic fields directly cause childhood leukemia. What I found to be extremely fascinating is that the symptoms of leukemia in children are those of vomiting, weakness, seizures and more.

These types of diseases don’t just arise out of nowhere. Usually, one needs to be exposed to the electromagnetic field for a period of time to for symptoms or bodily reactions to start surfacing.

This coincides with my view that the electromagnetic field can be considered as a type of negative Qi, or bad feng shui, and how the effects of bad feng shui can be quickly felt by those sensitive to it. Although in others it takes time to develop fully. The longer the exposure to bad feng shui from close proximity to power lines and cell towers, the stronger its influence over you.

Negative Impact on Moods

Power lines can ionize the air quality around them, which also has the ability to impact our mood. Science has proven a strong correlation between the negative ions and positive mood. Positive ions produce or increase a negative mood. The problem is power lines produce positive ions = negative mood.

An article published by WebMD by Denise Mann and reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD, points out that negative ions produce biochemical reactions in our body that helps alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy. Other studies, such as a science report in US National Library of Medicine, found that negative ionization was significantly associated with lower depression rating.

When an environment is healthy and unstable it follows that people will be sickly and out of balance. Conversely, when an environment is healthy and stable it follows that people will be creative, productive and live with harmony and balance.

What is a Safe Distance for Power Poles and Mobile Phone Towers?

Your home and particularly your bedrooms need to be at minimum 600 feet away from high voltage transmission lines, street power lines. The electromagnetic radiation from power poles is very powerful and will radiate into the home causing all sorts of health problems.

Cell phone transmission relay tower antennas, also known as mobile phone towers, are often found on top of high rise buildings, apartment buildings and shopping centers. When those high placement positions are not available, such as in a residential neighborhood of single family homes, sometimes they are hidden between homes or on a hill disguised to look like a tree. Have a good look in the surrounding streets; look at Google Maps for a birds eye view. Your home needs to be at least 900 feet away from mobile phone towers.

EMF Protection Clears the Way to Feng Shui Harmony

If you find yourself too close for comfort near power lines and cell towers, and moving away is not an option, then rest assured there are remedies to available. Adding EMF protection to your home feng shui can help clear the space, strengthening the subtle effects of feng shui harmony. Using traditional feng shui methods together with EMF protection can bring both peace of mind and worldly success.

How to Cure Bad Feng Shui from Power Lines

If you do live near power lines, a feng shui cure that works for some is to put up a wall of plants for protection. That’s just one example about living near power lines. There are many more feng shui cures to explore.

FYI- many of your home electronics create an electromagnetic field too. Although their voltage strength is low and our exposure to them is limited, we highly advise against placing electronics right next to your bed. Not only can they disrupt your sleep, they also pose potential risks to your health.

Do you or anyone you know live close to high voltage power lines? Call Janet Sandquist today for a bad feng shui consultation.

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