Monthly Archives: October 2014

Wood Element

The Wood element is considered to be one of the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth Feng-Shui-4-Today-Wood-Elemand Metal).

As the principles of Feng Shui take into account the overall balance of one’s environment the element of Wood plays its...

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Metal Element

Metal in Feng Shui is the symbol of wealth and protection.

Metal is associated with both wealth and protection. Think of all the weapons made from Buddha with Orchidmetal. Metal cures are often used to ward off evil influences....

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Water Element

Release and Rejuvenation - Flowing water is Yang aligned.

Water that moves begins its journey from an elevated position and drops or flows into a Feng-Shui-4-Today-Water-Elepool below.

As you might expect bringing the water element into your...

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Earth Element

The earth element: brings nourishment, stability and protection into your life.

The earth feng shui element is definitely the element that each home or office should have.Feng-Shui-4-Today-Land-Elem As we've stated before, all 5 feng shui elements are needed for...

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Fire Element

Feng-Shui-4-Today-Fire-ElemThe Fire element activates leadership qualities and kindles healthy emotional interactions between people.

The fire element has always been a powerful tool for human beings. Harnessing this power changed the way we live by providing warmth....

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Year of the Horse


The Feng Shui of your business is even more important now that ever before.  With the economy still sagging and unrest in many areas of the world THE YEAR OF THE HORSE has been somewhat challenging.  Here are some Feng Shui suggestions that will help to...

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