Bringing Balance and Beauty to Any Home or Office Decor

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Bringing Balance and Beauty to Any Home or Office Decor

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Metal

Earth Dominant

Shades of light yellow and light brown.
Elements of earth such as dirt or bricks.

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Fire Dominant

Shades of red and strong yellow.
Elements of fire.
Identifies with FAME and FORTUNE.

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Water Dominant

Shades of blue and black.
Elements of water such as fountains and streams.
Identifies with CAREER.

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Wood Dominant

Shades of green, brown, and lilac.
Elements of wood.
Identifies with FORTUNE, ABUNDANCE, and HEALTH.

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Metal Dominant

Shades of white and grey.
Elements of metal.

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Feng Shui San Diego

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient art of balancing energy within a space—whether it be a home, office, or garden—in order to bring its occupant(s) health, success, and fortune in different areas of their life. It’s based on the ancient Taoist principles of a universal energy (‘Chi’), expressed in numerous forms and of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, and Metal) that affect this energy and bring into balance all its manifestations.

Though birthed from ancient Chinese philosophies, Feng Shui principles can be applied to any setting or décor—be it Eastern or Western, Asian or American. Chinese décor or architecture is not necessary—only the underlying principles passed down by Chinese masters that serve to determine a profitable balance of energy and thereby create harmony in a space.

In analyzing the energies and balance within an environment, Feng Shui practitioners utilizes the ‘Bagua’ (or energy map)—a tool based on an ancient Taoist text of philosophy and divination, known as ‘I Ching.’ Among western practitioners, the Bagua connects particular elements to particular human pursuits, such as health, children, family, wealth, fame, marriage, knowledge, career, etc.

The Feng Shui Compass (‘Luo Pan’) is another tool used by practitioners. It is used to access deeper information about a given space, such as the main element needed in a particular area, specific areas that are connected to specific people, and favorable or unfavorable feng shui areas.

In regards to balancing space for a particular person, Feng Shui relies heavily upon the Chinese Zodiac to determine how an individual’s sign relates directly to how elements, directions, and calendar years will affect them. Feng Shui practitioners can use your date of birth to calculate things like your personal birth element, Kua number, lucky directions, and Chinese zodiac sign. This helps a practitioner understand how to balance your environment specifically for you.

After a proper analysis of the energies and elements of your home, office, or garden, a Feng Shui practitioner can offer advice for balancing energy or cures for unbalanced features of the space that could be metaphysically harming you and keeping you from your dreams of fortune, success, and happiness. Some common articles and cures that can be recommended are aquariums, crystals, fountains, colours, shapes, clocks, and ancient Chinese religious idols or talismans.

Benefits of Feng Shui

  • Happiness
  • Fortune
  • Good Health
  • Good Relationships
  • Knowledge
  • Business Sucess
  • Better Love Life


Katalin Cowan

Janet’s knowledge of the art of Feng Shui has revolutionized my life. Some simple changes in the placement of furniture and picture frames, vases. dishes and voila! All of a sudden. I have more money coming in. My relationships are improving. This ancient oriental art of placement sure can make a difference. I would not have believed it could be so dramatic.

But it is. It is all about dealing with the flow of energy in your home or your office, which just makes you feel better to even be there. If you are a realtor and want to stage a home, she used to be a realtor/broker herself and she now helps stage homes for sale by using Feng Shui. So she has a keen understanding of what can make a difference and she bridges well the West and East to make for a winning combination.
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Laura Hillebrecht

I chose to work with Janet after hearing her describe the different scenarios in which her skills provided creative solutions for success. I have been farming the same piece of land since 1990 and have struggled with one particular place on the farm. The plants never thrived. So when Janet said that she could Feng Shui this particular field I was excited and apprehensive all at once. I was excited about the possibility of improving production of our farm land, and apprehensive about change.Seeing is believing.

Janet spent time in the field and created a recipe of sorts for simple solutions to this complex problem. I am happy to say, for the first time since 1990 the plants in this field are thriving. Janet then agreed to help us with our entry and farm stand building. We took her suggestions to heart and have checked off the list of projects.Let me tell you. As we completed each task, you could see the sparks start to fly. The changes we have made have lit things up at this roadside stand.
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Vanessa Banks

We needed to sell our home quickly, so I contacted Janet Sandquist to feng shui our home. She spent time in each room explaining what we needed and what was missing to balance the each room. We applied most of Janet’s suggestions while putting our house up for sale.

We were able to complete most suggestions, but never completed everything because we received three offers on our home in the first two weeks. We accepted an offer, closed escrow and will be using Janet’s feng shui services for our new home. Thank you Janet!
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basic principles

For the ancient Chinese, the purpose of feng shui was to secure prosperity, many children, respect, and longevity for the client.


The physical surroundings that influence how you behave, feel and think. Virtually every aspect of your life can be improved when these conditions are in proper order. Results are amazingly quick..


There are some simple Feng Shui remedies that you can implement in your office to advance in your career, create a more peaceful work environment..


Land development, regardless of scope or size, will benefit from Traditional Feng Shui procedures relative to when, where and what to build, plant, rearrange or move.